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Vander Tower Completed
Fenglong has been busy churning out new Thunder faction units having recently finished the Thunder faction bulwark blocker unit that we showcased last week.

Feng has since finishing the bulwark turned his attention to the Thunder faction anti air unit and has just finished working on the new Vander tower and sent in the first render showing the new Thunder Vander unit in all its glory!..

To anyone that has played the original Netstorm one will notice the render is done in such a way as to also due homage to the original Netstorm unit information picture.

Posted bybarnEbiss
on Thursday 19 September 2013 - 11:46:36
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Feng has finished the bulwark, and is looking very sexy. He has also been working on new variations of cliffs and edges too. So expect something awesome coming in the future.

CaptainNeeda has completed the Spell, altar, and tech menu GUI which Jharger is now working on to implement. It may take some time as there are over 1000 buttons to implement

Update: On the coding front high priest I mean Jharger reports that he has been busy working on the RPG parts mainly (the tech and spell menu, and levelling up) but its progressing slowly at moment due to time also that he will be consulting with Duhprey about implementing of new changes into a build of NS2.

Posted byCaptainNeeda
on Tuesday 10 September 2013 - 08:29:49
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NestormII Promo Trailer released
Happy 4th of July everyone and here is a little 4th of July treat that is our first epic promo trailer for NetstormII Storms of Nimbus the fan remake of Netstorm Islands At War. The trailer was done by one of the original NS community members Matt Fluing who put the video together for the team to help show all that we have gotten done so far on the remake..

Posted bybarnEbiss
on Thursday 04 July 2013 - 14:42:18
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Netstorm 2: Storms Of Nimbus New Site & New Major Build Released
Netstorm 2: Storms Of Nimbus New Site & New Major Build Released

We here on the Netstorm2 team have just about finished the move to our new project site [link] and are in the middle of finishing the final theme adjustments on the site, but the url and site should now be fully working for anyone trying to access the site..

As part of the big opening of the new site we are pleased to announce a new build of Netstorm 2 has been released by Duhprey and Jharger and the new build includes new AI features that the AI now knows how to place temples and workshops and also knows some basics of bridge placement along with starting to collect resources, this is the ground work that will eventually lead on to the combat AI that will include placement of attacking units and attempting attack the players island and capture the players priest..

Also along with build 92 of Netstorm2 we are pleased to announce drum roll Netstorm2 comes to linux yep thats right Netstorm2 can now be installed and played on Linux.. The new build can be downloaded from our main project site located here at [link]

Posted bybarnEbiss
on Monday 27 May 2013 - 11:50:19
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New front cover for Netstorm II: Storms of Nimbus
New image for Risingstorm -> Netstorm II: Storms of Nimbus

Other interesting news, a new build will be coming out very soon with some exciting stuff that even I dont know anything about. A surprise for all

Posted byCaptainNeeda
on Tuesday 21 May 2013 - 01:15:03
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